TheTwittbook Lives! Public Beta Has Commenced, Check It Out!

After several months, putting one project on hold and brainstorming new ideas, Kerrington Smith @kingkerri on Twitter (my brother for the ill-informed) has finally released TheTwittbook.  As avid readers of TechCrunch and everyday web technology, both my brother and I have big aspirations to create online technology that has value to other people.

TheTwittbook is rather simple in concept; those familiar with status updates can understand the premise.  It is a web service that gives a distinct purpose, via reviews, to what we commonly know as “Tweets” or status updates.  Users have the ability to read, write and vote on reviews in categories, in 140 characters or less, such as:

  • Movies
  • Television
  • Books
  • Recipes

The About section of the website reads:

thetwittbook exists because we want to help people to find, share, and discuss topics or subjects that they are interested in. we strongly believe in giving meaning to reviewing.thetwittbook is easy. our users pick one of the categories and write a review in 140 characters or less. users browsing thetwittbook can upvote any review that they like the most. the best and most voted for reviews will rise to the top of our front page.

our ultimate goal is to not only find the best information,but also reward the providers of that information. at the end of every week, the most upvoted reviews will be placed into thetwittbook hall. all reviews placed into the hall will be kept there forever in a hall of fame fashion. want to be in the book of champions? get reviewing!

The site is currently built on top of the Twitter API, therefore users have the ability to post content on both TheTwittbook and Twitter.  After a writing a reviewing, users select the category their review is best associated and then submit their review.  If users have a Twitter account, you also have the option to have your review submitted to your twitter account –  it looks like a standard tweet.  On your Twitter account you may notice it says sent from API which Kerrington is working on completing.  My first TB Tweet Review  was the following:

Reposted on Twitter:

For a beta it is not too bad and I definitely like the concept of the site.  Prior to its release I offered as much input as possible on its development, but there are still a few things left to be desired.

I would prefer to have a subscriber or follower list.  That way if I release a short review it is blasted to people that care to read them and upvote my review.   If the site receives thousands of reviews, it is going to be difficult to read the ones that may interest you.  In that respect building a list of subscribers will help keep upvotes at the top of the charts.  The downside may be that it would be difficult for newcomers to break into the stats category if they are unable to receive votes because of their lack of subcribers/followers.

I am also not overly fond of the current text on the site.  I am sure it will go through several font iterations, but it does not look as pleasant on the eyes as some other fonts on the web.  A profile picture would be nice as well to give a bit more legitimacy to the people posting reviews.

The site will definitely need a mobile app for things like Movies.  It is much better to give a quick review of a movie using 140 characters on your phone then waiting to get home to review it.  The site currently lacks a mobile version so it could be quite cumbersome for moviegoers. Hopefully more input comes pouring in as the site goes through the summer months.

I will have a follow-up interview with Kerrington Smith about TheTwittbook on Monday.

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