The New Twitter

The new Twitter website update looks like a complete revamp of the micro-blogging platform. I would most compare the site’s new layout to that of an opened book. There are now a very distinct left and right halves of the web page.

The layout is now more horizontally oriented with the majority of information displayed across the page. Clicking on information (links, usernames, hashtags) will yield results on the right “page” or side of the site. Perhaps on of the coolest features is the inclusion of pictures and video inside the website. Again this information is displayed on the right side of the page. I think this could potentially have a negative affect on website traffic for sites like TwitPic.

Other changes include the button layout and larger “follow” button and the improved ability to follow conversations.  Perhaps my biggest gripe is the overabundance of information displayed on the main stream.  The once slim sidebar, is now a bulky mess of text and links.  I am sure, like most Facebook changes, this Twitter change will catch a fury of backlash.

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