SteelSeries Announces Fundraising Initiative for the Japanese Red Cross Society


I am sure many of your are aware of the natural disaster crisis in various portions of Japan.  Global Gaming peripherals manufacturer, SteelSeries is getting in on the relief effort and will be donating 25% (additional 25% off) of their proceeds to the Japanese Red Cross Society for sales from their line of professional gaming mice.  The mice include the Ikari Laser and Optical, Xai and Kinzu.  To give you a little background about myself, I was born in Okinawa, Japan so I spent quite a bit of time learning the culture.  It has a very special place in my heart.  I continue to donate as much as I possibly can to the effort, in hopes of  helping the victims affected by the earthquake and tsunami.  I hope to see more gamers within various communities take action and join the effort.

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Gamers Can Purchase a SteelSeries Branded Professional Gaming Mouse at 25% off in the Web Shop; From Every Purchase In That Category, SteelSeries Will Donate 25% of the Proceeds to the Japanese Red Cross Society

COPENHAGEN, Mar. 21, 2011 – SteelSeries, the leading global manufacturer of gaming peripherals, today announced a fundraising initiative for gamers to help support earthquake relief through the Japanese Red Cross Society. Starting today and throughout the next month, on every purchase of a mouse in SteelSeries’ branded line of professional gaming mice, which include the SteelSeries Ikari, SteelSeries Xai and SteelSeries Kinzu, the company will donate 25% of the proceeds to the Japanese Red Cross Society to aide in earthquake relief. SteelSeries will also offer a 25% off discount of this product line in the SteelSeries Web Shop as an incentive for gamers to fuel the fundraising initiative:


“The tragic events in Japan have touched us deeply, and while we have been lucky that so far our Tokyo-based SteelSeries team and partners appear to be safe, our thoughts and best wishes go out everyone in the region who has been affected,” said Bruce Hawver, SteelSeries CEO. “We hope our global community of gamers will help to drive this fundraising initiative or will aide in donations and support for victims by other means.”


Japanese characters, culture, competitive gaming in Japan, and the innovation from Japanese companies which helped to sculpt the video game industry, are what influenced the SteelSeries team in designing and the naming of its line of professional gaming mice. These influences were filtered into SteelSeries’ first mouse in 2007, the Ikari (anger, rage), and carried into the recent Xai (talent) mouse. Additionally, some of the components used in these mice are Japanese, simply because they offer performance and durability unmatched by other similar components. These influences were what made this SteelSeries product line the obvious category for this initiative.


For more information about the fundraising initiative and updates on the donation please visit SteelSeries online at and on Facebook





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