The Hardest Working Man Alive Formula

There is a running joke that I often share between Colin and my brother Kerrington about being, “the hardest working gamer alive.” In our joke the phrase, “hardest working gamer” is often substituted with something funnier such as “hungriest man” or “sleepiest man,” obviously adding to the comedic value, but I am sure you get the drift.

The Hardest Working Man Alive Formula is my personal, metaphorical translation for motivation to keep pushing forward and going beyond expectation.  Zack Johnson, the founder of eBash Video Gaming Centers, introduced us (several members of AmazYn) to the book Outliers which further builds on my views of this formula.  The book, by Malcom Gladwell, does an amazing job illustrating how success, hard work and timing operate in a such a way that determines truly successful “outliers” such as Michael Jordan and Bill Gates from other people that could have done the same things but didn’t.

Good, Great, and Amazing

There is definitely a fine line between good, great and amazing.  Almost anyone can be good in their field if they put in an ample amount of time and have a bit of natural talent.  The separation between good and great is simply a matter of how much time and how much energy is spent honing a craft.  The truly amazing could have an equal or lesser amount of talent than someone that would be categorized as “great.”  As the book Outliers would explain it, the truly amazing or “outliers” exception, often times lie in a fortunate time period where all circumstances aligned in their favor.  Lucky timing is where I differentiate my argument.

Don’t get me wrong, I think there are always instances of “lucky” breaks that catapult one similarly skilled person over another, but I think it comes down to a matter of personal choice and sacrifice.  Like everyone in the categories of “Good” and “Great,” there is a certain amount of effort that further separates the Amazing from the great.  Furthermore the choices and sacrifice those people are willing to make pulls them further ahead of the pack.


My formula differs in that there is a distinct personal choice to perform a specific task, that I believe is going to advance my chances of improvement.  Think about it under these circumstances; is an upper body exercise geared towards biceps building or one geared towards forearm and triceps building going to improve my performance on the football field? If so, by how much would each exercise improve? How you work and the choices you make are just as important as the amount of time spent with each session.

If you are reader of the blog for MLG Gears of War information and wonder why AmazYn is not on Gears of War, it is because of that very reason — choice.  We made the choice to move on from the game because it does not offer us the opportunity to expand and improve our stature among the gaming community.  Instead we saw it as an opportunity to play more games, work on our website and build other projects.  I would much rather expand my options, play with new communities and learn more about other teams than sulking about Gears of War.  Thinking about the transformation of our team in a years time is truly remarkable, but it has not come without sacrifice.


This is what truly separates the various levels of success among people within the same fields.  Sacrifice and choice are inherently tied together; there cannot be sacrifice without choice.  To truly separate myself from other people I have made a conscious effort to sacrifice different portions of my everyday life to satisfy my definition of a Day’s Work.  Sacrifice is one of the biggest hidden factors in my formula.  Sacrifice encompasses everything from time spent with family and friends, to getting less sleep in order to complete a task.

I find it very troubling to not be doing something productive for a large block of time.  I often times tell people that, “I feel like I am wasting my time if I am doing any activity other than working towards my goals.”  If I miss a day of work I will literally double my workload to make sure I catch up because I feel like it is necessary to truly accomplish my own goals.  I think it is a hard concept to grasp when someone close to you does not have an influence over your everyday decisions.

It can be a difficult life lesson when managing your time spent on work and the time spent with family or friends.  Everyday is a constant battle with sacrifice, especially if you have a family.  Are you going to be a “Good,” “Great” or “Amazing;” boyfriend, husband, father, mother, girlfriend or wife?  The choices made in life determine what and who are sacrificed in an everyday routine.  Family and friends can be a great addition or hinderance to personal goals and how soon they are achieved.  Having a great supporting cast is definitely a beneficial outside factor with Sacrifice.

Hardest Working Gamer Alive

Is this the opportunity to bask in my own glory? Mmm a little but not so much.  In my Gaming Culture article, I gave everyone some insight on my personal background.  I provided a few reasons why I created AmazYn and what gaming means to me.  I am always working on ways to provide more information, insight and positive light on the depiction of gamers.  I simultaneously want to inspire action from others to be what they want in this life here on earth and change some ideas about gaming culture.

The blog, YouTube channel, my twitter account and even the Facebook page are basically a one-man operation that function as an outlet for me to share information that I feel is useful.  My “outwork you or die trying mentality” has stuck with me from my days in athletic sports and is an important part of what makes me tick.  This year has been a fantastic opportunity to focus on sharing what goes on in my mind and how I operate for anyone that takes the time to read an article.

I believe there is a lot of wasted spotlight on players, they know who they are, within the MLG community that do not really do anything for the community.  I wish there were more of them that took action and provided some helpful information to others that are in the very same positions they once were.  Some of them do not have the skills to properly convey to others information that is useful, however this does not excuse them from interacting more within community.  I am hoping that Major League Gaming takes more of an initiative to promote the players that are making a difference because there is a growing generation of influential minds watching, listening, and working towards good, great and amazing.

Editor’s NOTES

Hardest Working Short Formula:

Learned Choices/Time Spent per choice = Improvement

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