Question of the Week #10: Gears of War 3 Beta

This week I want to know if you plan on playing the Gears of War 3 Beta!  I am sure many of the readers of the site will more than likely be playing the beta. I put together a pretty big list of Gears of War players that also includes MLG Pros from past years in case you may be interested in playing with some people. If in fact you are going to be playing the beta, drop me a line and let me know what you are most looking forward to doing on the GoW3 Beta:


  • What Character(s) You Plan to Use
  • What Weapon(s) You Want to Use
  • What Map You Want to Play
  • What Gametypes You Want to Play
  • What Control Scheme You Like to Play
  • What Sensitivity You’ll be Using


As of right now I am using Dom (will also use Thrashball Cole), I have a Hammerburst/Gnasher loadout and I am trying to use the Sniper the most during the beta.  I really want to play some more Old Town Team Deathmatch to see if Skyllus and I can run a Spawn Camp like we did last night.   I am playing with a default control scheme, Vibration off and my sensitivity is set to 10 across the board.  I will probably fine tune the sensitivity sometime this week, but 10 felt like a good starting point.  I will likely release a video on all my current settings for the Beta, sometime this weekend.


coded by nessus

  • MistaMista

    I heard that the sensitivity, even when it’s on its highest(15), feels a little slow/sluggish compared to gow2. Is this true? Thanks.