Supra “Suprawood” Vaiders Have Arrived!

I have probably discussed the Suprawood Vaiders more than any pair of sneakers, perhaps since Kanye West’s Air Yeezy’s (I still don’t have Air Yeezy’s).  These special edition kicks were limited to only 1,000 pair.  Too make matters worse, there were not any dealers in my area that carrying the Suprawoods on release date.  Heck, some places I called did not even know what I was talking about! I am sure you may be thinking I panicked a bit, maybe I am a little more paranoid about the Suprawoods than most, but I will not be one of the unfortunate people that wanted a pair and did not get them.

Alas, my Suprawood Vaiders arrived yesterday!  I feel confident in saying Supra and Creative Recreation have replaced my Jordan purchases.  Check out the unboxing pictures below:

Now all I need is my New Orleans Reggie Bush jersey and I’m set.  These are sick!

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