Official Roster of Team AmazYn



Our team is temporarily inactive while we decide what game(s) we would like to focus on in the next year.  I’ve seen a number of players pretending to be members of zYn or telling people they’re a part of a different division of the team.  To clear up any misrepresentation of our team from “fake” members, here is our official roster which has been listed on our Facebook Page for the past 5 years:


  • Colin Fogle: “Skyllus”
  • Alex Gonzalez: “CALiNORTH”
  • James McCardle: “XeNo”
  • Daniel Nagy: “ZeRo XceL”
  • K.L. Smith: “arCtiC”
  • Kerrington Smith: “OraNgE”
  • Sean Snack: “Wraith”
  • Danny Zeitz: “Phobos”
  • Mitch Meara: “Tensehawks”


There has not been a new addition to our team since the team was created in 2008.  Any player that does not appear on this list is not affiliated with or a member of Team AmazYn.  In the event that we add any additional players, we’ll make sure to update our roster accordingly.

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