Gears of War 3: Fenix Rising Video Map Walkthroughs & Information

Today marks the release of the third major DLC installment for Epic Games’ Gears of War 3.  The Fenix Rising Map Pack boasts 4 new characters, 5 new multiplayer maps, a new playlist (Stay Frosty), and a new Exp leveling system called “Re-Up.”   The details for the DLC can be found below and I’ve included each of the five new maps and characters in the embeded playlist above!



Players who attain level 100 will have a choice to “Re-up” for another tour of duty via the “Stats and Awards” page or War Journal. Their experience and rank will be reset, but all other progression (including TrueSkill rating) will remain intact. Players can “Re-up” up to three times, earning a new rank icon color each time: Bronze (default level 100), Red, Green and Gold.

Re-Up Plasma — Animated flowing plasma in gold.
Re-Up Omen — Shiny, red Omen.
Re-Up Electric — Animated, golden electric shocks.


Multiplayer Maps


Academy –The lineage of the Fenix family can be traced back along a distinguished line of military officers. Officer training at the Oracle Academy was simply the expected path for Marcus, and he had visited the grounds many times in expectation that he would walk the same path as his ancestors. But it was not to be, and Marcus broke with tradition to be with his best friends Dom and Carlos. Like any number of fine Seran traditions, the Academy is now lost to the invasion of the Locust Horde.


Anvil — The fortress of Anvegad was called Anvil Gate because its impenetrable walls were forged in the fires of war. Huge cannons sat atop battlements that guarded sprawling walls running the line of the UIR borders. Marcus went there to find Hoffman, and they both thought that Anvil Gate would offer protection from the incoming forces of Locust and Lambent. They were wrong, and little remains other than the ruined shell of a once mighty fortress.


Depths — The excessive opulence of Azura defied all normal reasoning. But Adam Fenix could see the cracks in the veneer of splendor from the moment he arrived at this underwater processing center. And all that beauty mattered not at all once he was held captive by the Locust. Out of options, he had to find a way to contact Marcus, and finally reveal the truths he’d been keeping to himself for all these many years.


Escalation — Haldane Hall has been the home of the Fenix family for countless generations. But the only history that matters to Marcus’s are his memories of warm summer evenings spent with his mother, Elain, relaxing in the estate’s gardens. Sadly, all the estate’s history and beauty was lost when the Locust destroyed it in an attempt to kidnap his father.


The Slab — Convicted for insubordination and treason, Marcus was incarcerated in Jacinto Maximum Security Prison. Known as “The Slab”, this prison is not a correctional facility — it’s a place where Sera’s worst offenders are locked up and forgotten. The inmates are brutal, parole is not an option, and the average life expectancy is about two years. But that was before the Locust showed up, and what couldn’t get worse, suddenly did. Now your life expectancy there is around 2 minutes.

New Characters



Recruit Clayton — Featured in the Academy Walkthrough video.

Thrashball Cole (Limited Edition) — Featured in the Depths Walkthrough video.



Savage Marauder — Featured in the Anvil and The Slab Walkthrough videos.

Savage Kantus (Limited Edition) — Featured in the Escalation Walkthrough video.

coded by nessus

  • Cronoz

    man, can i play Fenix Rising’s maps offline? I haven’t bought the DLC so i wanna know if it worths it, at least for me coz i dont have gold pass all the time so i play offline a lot.
    and what about the problem with the re-up?