Astro Gaming Essential Gaming Accessories

I receive quite a few messages per day about headsets and gaming accessories.  One of the frequent questions I receive, “What accessories should I buy with my Astro headsets?” In an effort to help with that question, I decided to post a video detailing what accessories are essential for the diehard Astro Gaming fans out there.

I already know I’ll receive a dozen questions on the shirt I’m wearing in this video — it’s the Blastro T-Shirt.  Take a peek at the video and details on the accessories after the jump.

TOSLink Cable

This is my number one, most essential accessory that Astro Gaming offers.  The TOSLink Cable is a fiber-optic cable that provides the best possible sound quality output for the Astro headsets.  I find sound quality vital because of the value it offers during competitive gaming competitions.  Creating the best possible equipment setup ensures that my opposition does not have an advantage.

NOTE: In the video I use the Xbox 360 component to Astro Mixamp setup.  It also works if for HDMI setups as long as there is a fiber optic input on the back of the TV.  If I receive numerous “how-to” questions, I will do a short video covering how to properly set up that scenario.

Experience Dolby Digital the way it was meant to be heard. These high-quality fiber optic cables attach directly to your Xbox 360, Playstion 3 or PC to provide the highest fidelity sound possible.

Rechargeable Battery Pack

Will I need the rechargeable battery pack ?  That is one of the most frequent questions I receive on a day-to-day basis. The answer is quite simple.  The rechargeable battery pack is great if you do not have access to your USB connector or you plan on traveling frequently while using the mixamp.  It also works well in the event that you want to free up some of the clutter caused by excess wires.

This custom battery pack provides your MixAmp with a reliable source of backup power. Charges any time your MixAmp is connected to USB power. 2300mAh of capacity provides up to 12 hours of use on a single charge

Powered Splitter

The Powered Splitter is an accessory that has me extremely excited, mainly because it has a useful function in a LAN atmosphere.  The ability to use the A40 headsets during split-screen gaming is huge for competition.  Those players at home that are also on split-screen setups will have the luxury of being able to use both of their headsets on one box — pure awesome.

Ever needed to connect two headsets to the same gaming system? How about connect them and get full Dolby Digital and Dolby Headphone surround? What about voice communication between both headsets? Seems impossible, right?

It has been, up until now.

ASTRO Gaming has solved all of these problems with a simple plug-and-play gizmo we call the ASTRO Powered Splitter. Simply connect two A40 Headsets to the Powered Splitter, and connect the splitter to the A40 MixAmp. Players connected to the splitter can now hear their game sounds in Dolby Headphone surround and communicate with 100% clarity, as if they were using two fully Daisy-chained MixAmps. Better still, two daisy-chained MixAmps will perform like four with the addition of Powered Splitters on each — making ASTRO equipment the perfect combination for split-screen play at home or on the Pro Circuit.

Headset Stand

The Headset Stand is something of a Collector’s item in my opinion.  The solid aluminum gleam would like rather nice for anyone with a killer gaming setup.  I know the majority of Astro headset owners out there probably place their headset on their TV.  This is a great alternative for people that use their TV for more than gaming.

Show off your killer new ASTRO Gaming Headset with the ASTRO Headset Stand. This isn’t your father’s headset stand – it’s smartly designed to compliment the iconic image of the ASTRO A40 (and most any other headphone) while delivering the same high quality and attention to detail you’ve come to expect from ASTRO.

Yes, ladies and gents, the stand is made out of SOLID ALUMINUM, with a durable bright silver anodized finish and subtly branded with a debossed ASTRO logo. The Stand ships with three different colored rubberized landing pads (white, black, orange) so you can personalize it with your favorite color accent.

Protect your investment from spills, abrasive wear, Cheeto dust and other desk or tabletop hazards, while displaying your ASTROS with pride!

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