AmazYn Controller by Create A Controller

It has finally arrived, my personalized AmazYn controller from Create-A-Controller is in my possession and ready for gaming.  The controller in the video has a matted black finish, black D-pad, white analog sticks, white triggers, and custom LED lighting on the interior.  They also fix the “slow turn” issue many Major League Gaming players complain about during gaming sessions, mainly on First-Person Shooters.

I have a small giveaway planned that will begin next week, courtesy of Create-A-Controller.  Details will be released in my next YouTube video, so make sure to subscribe to my channel if you have not already.  More details on Create-A-Controller can be found after the break.

About Create A Controller

Our mission is to bring all gamers the ultimate experience in getting their very own tailor-made gear.  We offer high quality customizations for controllers and other gaming products.  After seeing the limitations of customization by our competitors, CAC has set out to make the possibilities endless..

From the beginning,  we at CAC want the gamers to choose exactly how they want their controllers to look, but at a very affordable price.  We are committed to customer service, so if you have any questions about anything on our site, feel free to Live Chat, or send us an email.

My first evening of playing with the controller went quite well, but the full review will be in a couple weeks. Pricing for controllers varies, so make sure to check the Create-A-Controller website for details.

coded by nessus

  • Trevor

    Great looking controller.

    I was wondering why you got it wired instead of wireless. Is their an advantage to wired?

    • arctyc

      Wireless controllers are banned in Major League Gaming competitions. For that reason I strictly play with wired controllers.

  • cramsay

    That really looks AmazYn, such a good finish to it!

    Funnily enough I was just looking at the site the other day, the prices don't seem too bad at all :) Would have considered getting a custom one for myself, but I'm sure I can wait for this "Secret Controller" (*cough*Razer Onza?*cough) to be released before making a commitment to a new controller!

    On a side note, I'm going to promote this for a friend: There is a quite helpful Slowturn app in the Indie games section on XBL (called Slowturn something or other, so in section S), only costs 80mp, and quickly tests if your controller has slow turn, there's a thread up somewhere on the MLG forums about it! Doesn't do diagonals, but for a ruff test of controllers, it's rather helpful! Just thought I should say something about it :)

  • MoistGeorge

    Sounds nice, if it wasn't for the Razer Onza to come out in a few weeks i'd have ordered one there.

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