Vizio 22″ RAZOR LED M220NV With Internet Apps Coming Soon

Vizio’s 22-inch, internet App LCD HDTV is getting ready for release.  The M220NV looks to integrate many of today’s popular social networking applications such as Facebook and Twitter into the browsing experience via the internet.  This technology is nothing new, however there is definitely a recent increase in the number of companies producing televisions tied into social networks and applications.

The M220NV will come with built-in 802.11n wireless networking as well as the standard ethernet port.  Unlike my recent review of the M190va, this HDTV will actually be able to output in 1080p which is surely good news to most.  A list of the internet apps include:

  • NBA Gametime
  • Amazon Video On Demand
  • eBay Popular Items
  • Flickr (I personally think is uesless)
  • Netflix
  • Pandora
  • Rhapsody
  • Twitter
  • Vudu
  • Yahoo

You may notice that Facebook is missing from the list; Vizio plans to add Facebook integration very soon (among others).  I am sure Vizio and other manufacturers view this integration as an opportunity to share what you are watching, at any given time, in hopes that people will tune into the show.  I see advertiser dollars — lots and lots of dollars.

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