Vizio 19″ M190va Razor LED LCD HDTV Review

I have been using the Vizio M190va for the past few weeks, explicitly for gaming, and I am fairly impressed with the LCD.  I played throughout the Battle of the Baddest tournament using the 19″ LCD screen and am just starting to play the Halo Reach Beta.  During my play in Battlefield Bad Company 2, I was only playing in standard definition (480i), however I switched to 1080i for the Halo Reach beta.   Check out my thoughts and video below:

The Vizio M190va LED features a slim, arcing design that’s look is stylish enough for most looking for a smaller entertainment display.  It is available in a black or white with a profile that measures just under an inch at 0.75″.  I was able to fit the TV in my new gaming setup I put together for the BoTB tournament.  The size and design of the Vizio were a major contribution to that being possible.

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The Important TV Specs


  • Size: 19″
  • Native Panel Resolution: 1366 x 768 pixels
  • Signal Compatibility: 1080i, 720p, 480p, 480i
  • Colors: 16.7 million
  • LED: Yes – edge lit
  • Computer Support: 1920 x 1080, 1360 x 768, 1024 x 768, 800 x 600, 640 x 480 via VGA/HDMI
  • Response Time: 5ms
  • Viewable Angle: 170/160 (horizontal/vertical)
  • Speakers: Built-in 3W x 2 speakers
  • Weight: 11.69lbs


  • HDMI with HDCP: 2
  • Component YPbPr plus Stereo Audio: 1
  • Component RGB: 1
  • RF Connector: 1


  • SPDIF Digital Optical: 1
  • Headphones: 1

Full Spec Sheet

The Viewing Experience

As I previously mentioned, I primarily used the M190va Vizio for gaming.  The price ($218 from Walmart) and size were a perfect fit for my shelf space and I am familiar enough with Vizio televisions to know they put together some very nice High-Definition screens.  One of the quirps I have with previous High Definition LCDs are that they suck when viewing them in standard definition.  Surprisingly, I did not have that problem while playing Battlefield Bad Company in 480i, however when I switched to the Halo Reach Beta I was having trouble viewing the screen in standard definition.  It is difficult to explain, but it felt very much like motion sickness. I am not necessarily sure why it occurred, but I did not have the same problems when I switched the Reach Beta to 1080i.

The HD experience on the TV is very good.  There is no hiding that I am a Samsung fanboy, however I really enjoyed playing on the Vizio.   The first few days adjusting from my snappy, 2ms Samsung Syncmaster to the Vizio’s 5ms response time took a little getting used to, but I cannot say I was disappointed.  Most gamers would not be able to notice much of a difference on screen with response time and there is no visible ghosting.

There were a few minor problems I experienced. One was caused by my viewing angle, making the screen have increased black levels on certain areas.  I probably would not have noticed had I set the screen at a reasonable angle, but the proclaimed 160 degree vertical viewing angle is a bit of a stretch.  Unless, you plan on putting together a particular gaming setup this problem should not play into affect.   I was also not very happy with the built-in speakers – I cannot say I expected outstanding sound quality from a 19″ screen.  The TruSound HD experience is something that Vizio makes  sure to promote…in reality it’s not all that great.  As you see in my video, after briefly playing with the sound through speakers, I quickly switched to my Astro A40s

Pros and Cons


  • Size 19″
  • Affordable Price $199.99 – $219.99
  • Great Gaming LED
  • 5ms Response Time (Major League Gaming Standard)
  • Light and mobile


  • Speaker sound quality is subpar
  • Viewing angles aren’t great

End of the Day

Vizio makes great high definition televisions at great prices.  The Vizio M190va Razer LED is no exception to their lineup.  I was very satisfied with what the LED offered and it met the requirements I needed to complete the Battlefield  Battle of the Baddest tournament.  This is definitely a great high definition TV for gaming and is priced well enough to make a great gift for anyone.  If you are looking for a personal gaming setup I would put the Vizio M190va on your consideration list.

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