GoW3 Tips and Tactics: Weapon Sliding


Yesterday I launched the start of a new Gears of War 3 series dedicated to helping players learn various tips and tricks that can improve their game.  The first episode discusses and showcases “Weapon Sliding,” as it pertains to Gears of War 3.  Originally weapon sliding was a “glitch” that was utilized heavily in the early stages of the original Gears of War.  The Gears 3 weapon slide is not the same type of pickup, however Epic has allowed some mobility by using the time between the pick up icon being pressed and completed as a small window to move.  This results in picking up weapons in places slightly outside of the standard radius of the weapon.

The introduction videos to this series are going to be fairly simple with some more advanced tactics as I progress through the series.  There have been a lot of requests for a series like this so I hope you all enjoy it very much.

  • Joey Lee

    Can’t wait to see more tips from your side of things!