Gears of War 3: Title Update 3 Hits January 11 (Release Note Details Included)


The general release notes for tomorrow’s Gears of War 3 Title Update have recently been released (found below).  I found several of the “Improvements” to be noteworthy, particularly for the competitive Gears scene, however I did not see the King of the Hill Overtime information in these notes.  I’m not sure if this wasn’t included or if it’s not being fixed until TU4.  I also have to wonder when we’re going to see some of the Mantle Kick issues resolved.


  • The most important change is probably the “Man Up” rule is now an “On/Off” option for custom, private matches.  This was an issue that was heavily debated, long before the game released and directly influences the outcome of matches in the competitive gaming scene.  I can imagine this improvement will cause some immediate sighs of relief for the greater portion of the competitive Gears community that was not particularly fond of its implementation.
  • The unlockable characters will allow variety in player selections while also showcasing some of those characters at large, streamed events.  I think it also gives the general community a teaser at upping their online character swag.
  • The “One Shot” glitch is now fixed on Drydock. This exploit fix definitely has some impact on King of the Hill for the map, although the competitive community is not particularly in favor of Drydock for Execution.
  • The Xbox Live Notifications are going to be fixed with this update, alleviating our woes with the notification blocking the Kill Feed!  I can finally turn my notifications back on — woohoo!
  • Several noteworthy changes to Ghost Camera which should improve stream viewership.
The one change I’m interested in is the Holding “Y” button (for executions) of a DBNO player before they are in proximity of you (6).  Is weapon sliding meatshields possible too?


Read on for the details below:

Gears of War 3 Title Update Coming January 11

By | January 09 , 2012 11:13 PM • 2936 Views

A new Title Update for Gears of War 3 will be available January 11, 2012 and will be downloaded automatically by starting Gears 3 while connected to Xbox LIVE. The update will include a variety of balance tweaks, bug fixes and more. Here’s a sneak peek at some of what you can expect to see:


1. All unlockable and non-purchasable characters are unlocked for System Link play. Online play still limits players to characters that they have unlocked or have purchased through DLC.

2. “Classic” stalemates are now enabled on the Execution and Warzone playlist. An option exists in private Execution to disable classic stalemates and re-enable the man-up rule.

3. The ghost camera can be raised and lowered using the Xbox controller d-pad.

4. “Must Active Reload” mutator has been made more restrictive. Issues with the Torque Bow and OneShot have been fixed.

5. “Retribution” ribbon is now compatible with dedicated servers.

6. Holding the “Y” button before being in range of a DBNO player and then walking into activation range will start the execution sequence. This is similar to holding “X” to queue up a weapon pickup sequence when walking into range of a dropped weapon.

Exploit Fixes

1. Removed Hammerburst and Longshot exploits with using the iron-sights/scope on Mercy where a player could shoot from a concealed position near the Sanctuary bells. Damage will not register when players are using the scope or iron-sights from that concealed position.

2. Fixed the OneShot exploit on Drydock. Players will be pulled out of the OneShot mounted pose when in certain positions.

General Fixes

1. A second player signing in on the loading screen before entering the pre-game lobby will no longer cause profile issues.

2. The transition from spectator player view to ghost camera view will no longer force the ghost camera view to point upwards.

3. The map cycle in QuickMatch is now randomly ordered.

4. DLC that is not owned by the current player will no longer stop the player from using DLC they do own.

5. Horde will no longer use the Versus weapon swaps. Horde players will have Hammer of Dawn and Mortar spawns on Overpass again.

6. Fixed the lens flare on a scoped Longshot not appearing for a player facing left.

7. Xbox system notifications have been moved out of the way of kill messages in competitive multiplayer. They now show up in the top center of the screen.



  • Nick

    Another small, yet vital step towards getting Gears onto the competitive track.

    • K.L. Smith

      Most definitely!

  • AzureGear

    If they just nerfed the Active Reload damage on the Gnasher and Hammerburst.

    • Dona

      i hope your kidding with nerfing gnasher…

      • AzureGear

        No, I am not, is absurd that someone use a SHOTGUN and can take you away 20 ft from you.

        • THE PRO

          lol… sawed off fan???

          • AzureGear

            Not really, I use all weapon in a very balanced way. I have  barely 600 more kills with the Gnasher than with any rifle or Sawed Off. I am just honest and upfront, no shooter should be dominated by any weapon in particular. Gnasher and Hammerburst are simply overpowered.

  • xKillEdByAGuRLx

    Forgot the blood drive bug in the respond area. There are times that you respond at the same area than the opposite team. That usually happens at the first respond spot… the one that is up the stairs in side of the  building….. Im just saying…. still love that game.

  • Gearin N Bearin

    G3ars still a big letdown get rid of sawnoff and retro

  • tina

    I am not sure the profile issues are fixed.   We were playing horde Friday night Jan 13 and the system locked up and when we signed back on our profiles were reset to 1.  I had my wings and hubby was at level 99.   Xbox cannot help.   They tell us Epic is working on problem and we just have to keep calling back to see if there is a fix.   Tina Liles  twitter @tag1370

  • Sean Work

    thatsss GAAYYY DAMMIT FIX THE FUCKING ONYX GUARD DECOY…AND NERF THE FUCKIN RETRO THATS what needs to get done pronto…honestly nobody really even knew or cared bout these issues….read the fuckin forums EPIC Please!

  • Shadow_bladez_17

    how did shotguns get so much range again? Absolutely ridiculous. Theres no reason to use a rifle again when a shotgun works down any entire hallway..