Latest Gears of War 3 Videos & Upload Schedule


I know Sub boxes have been broken for awhile on YouTube, seems like it’s becoming a frequent occurrence, but I wanted to make sure we started posting some of the videos over here on the site.  Hopefully a fix for the Subscription boxes is planned, however just in case it’s not we will be updating our videos in as many places as possible from here on out.  Additionally our upload schedule is starting to solidify and I’ve created a couple new Series with lots of exciting content planned for each.



  • Running Ranked
  • Strategy Development


  • Gears of War Lessons with Skyllus


  • Assorted Uploads


  • Assorted Uploads


  • Live Stream

Running Ranked



This Series focuses on general, Ranked Room gameplay and is the successor to the “Beta” Episodes.  I plan on keeping these very topic oriented as I did with the Beta Episodes.  At least one Running Ranked Episode will be posted per week, most weeks will have two Episodes.


Strategy Development



The goal behind this series is to introduce the Gears of War community to the competitive aspects of the game.  I plan on breaking down gameplay, detailing step-by-step analysis on what our team is planning, as well as explaining tendencies of opposing teams.  The series is in its infancy so the beginning Episodes will all be rather basic in detail.  I have a lot of plans for introducing some new components to the videos that should make them much more entertaining to watch in the future.  These videos will be released bi-weekly


Gears of War 3 Lessons with Skyllus



The Lesson series is essentially Skyllus’ “tips and tricks” video, but he really takes time to break down various aspects of the game that may not be apparent to some players in the game.  Episodes will release every Tuesday so anyone looking to check these out can find them on our channel on that day.


Live Stream Friday


We’ll be picking back up on Live Streaming on YouTube every Friday very soon.  Calinorth will be primarily streaming on the Channel, but anyone looking to find him streaming on a daily basis should check out his Channel.


Assorted Uploads

On Wednesdays and Thursdays I plan on releasing different types of videos to experiment with some of the cool content ideas that are floating around in my head.  Our team has discussed so many different one-off ideas that we simply can’t create a series on them, but instead would rather just release them as a separate, stand alone video.


Everyone should also look out for some of my videos over on Machinima Respawn where I plan on creating a ton of Gears of War content.

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