GoW Nation First Foray Tournament: AmazYn vs. Strafe Masters @ 4PM EST


Today starts the first official online tournament that our team will be participating in, however I must caution some of our supporters and fans —  should we advance to next weekend we will be forfeiting our matches.  One of our teammates, @Calinorth will be out for that weekend and we have no intentions of filling in a substitute for Round 3 of the tournament.  We apologize in advance for anyone that may have hoped we were going to play out the tournament.  The good news is that we will be streaming the matches played today on Calinorth’s live stream — http://www.twitch.tv/calinorth. Calinorth regularly streams so if you’re not following the stream, I would kindly recommend taking a gander over there over now and again.  Additionally our first match will also be featured on the GoW Nation Live stream to kick things off for the tournament.


The brackets and tournament information can be found here: link


AmazYn vs. Strafe Masters




  • arCtiC
  • CaliNORTH
  • Phobos
  • Skyllus


Strafe Masters

  • Cannatonics
  • o Most Dope
  • J b o y y x
  • ii 8th Wonder


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