Message from a New Gears of War Convert

This message today just confirmed that Raleigh was a successful event for Gears of War.  I’ll keep the name of the individual anonymous, as always, but I absolutely love that they are interested in getting into competitive Gears!


Hey Arctic. I was at Raleigh this weekend having never touched a GoW game before, and watching the match live at the event hooked me instantly. I tried to find you all weekend just to meet you, and tell you how great your channel is, but I didn’t catch you.

I went out Saturday and bought the Gears triple pack, and immediately went to work on Gears 2 campaign to get the hang of controls and all that. My question for you is, I am a competitive gamer, and I really want to jump into GoW competitively but am not sure where to start.  Are there good resources for learning the ropes as far as strategy, loadouts etc?

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