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arCtyC Mission. Dethrone Call of Duty from YouTube. How? Make more compelling #GearsofWar3 content. Why? It's the 8th version of the same game. By arCtyC on 22-8-2011 14:47:22

Admist the frenzy of news about Gears of War 3 at MLG Raleigh, I publicly tweeted my previously undisclosed, self-imposed, mission earlier today.


Don’t get me wrong here, I love my Call of Duty brethren, but I want to challenge the Gears community to step up their video production capabilities.  I’m tired of the thousands of videos of some person calling in a chopper gunner, dogs, nuke or whatever and going 70-0.  I’m tired of hearing the hundreds of commentaries accompanied by some young chap sending me messages asking to check out their new Call of Duty vid.  I’m tired of some of the best video editors contributing their skills exclusively to Call of Duty montages.  Most of all, and this one really gets to me, I’m tired of so many talented people putting forth their time and efforts into making so many CoD videos when they could easily use those talents on other games.


Gears of War is coming back in a major way!  I think the game’s replay value will far exceed either of its two predecessors and let’s be honest here — dedicated servers are how every multiplayer game should be played. It’s about time for YouTube’s poster child to step aside and make way for the new kids on the block.  I’m calling on each of you to post more Gears of War 3 videos than you’ve ever posted, create more compelling content than you’ve ever created.  My team is wholeheartedly committed to creating Gears of War content that we think will really push the boundaries and hopefully inspire more of you out there to give it a shot.  It’s time for a Gears of War 3 takeover!


P.S. — I’m totally pulling an EA.


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  • http://twitter.com/og_Squiid Jason

    HAHAHA. You said “Chap” lol…Going Victorian on us Kendall? lol. Best part of the post.

    • http://reflectzyn.com K.L. Smith

      Lol brushing up on my Victorian.  I personally like the EA talking trash to Activision drop.

      • http://twitter.com/og_Squiid Jason

        Dude, same here. Activision has been bullying people for years and now that EA is trying to kick down their little sand castle. I love how all these diehard supporters rush to defend the company that started the “ego mantra” in the current industry. Playing the pity party doesn’t fly with those who can think for themselves. COD Gobblers tend to be blind to their own mistakes. It’s the best thing ever. People don’t realize that you need rivalries like this, no matter what industry you are in. It builds character, massive support and allows coverage to the outside world that would normally not be there.

        Personally…. EA>Act IMO. We already talked about this anyways lol.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=677998744 Joey D Lee

    I’m totally with ya on EA finally bullying Activision.

  • Poteven(Keven Fortin)

    ”It’s the 8th version of the same game.”
    love this quote, me too I’m tired of the COD because Activision  is ruinning this serires just like Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero. They are laughing at us, gamer, because they made a COD every year, release DLC that were already prepared before the game release, announcing their next COD after the first DLC and people still buy those s***t when they are already outdated. They are pushing the game industry to his limit. They keep making the same game year after year and the newest one is what the previous one was supposed to be in term of weapons,/perks balance. In short, Actvision is ther when it is time to make money, but when it’s tim to patch their unbalanced game they are not there because they are already working the nest title. COD is not a game, it is a annual subscription fee.