My #GearsWeekend Gameplay from August 12th – 14th


I may be a few days late, but my gameplay from last weekend’s #GearsWeekend was posted on the @AmazYnMLG YouTube channel earlier this week.  Last weekend I was able to include some games with fellow teammate @Skyzyn, so I made sure to include some Execution gameplay.  I’m hoping to get additional gameplay with the rest of my teammates, @PhoboszYn and @Calinorth, as we start getting into our practice schedule routine.


I also want to note that the #GearsWeekend gameplay is being captured using the Roxio Game Capture, not the HD PVR.  I’m prepping for a review so bare with me on the quality, I know it is not what you may have become accustom to watching.

coded by nessus

  • Chenstrap

    Yo arctic, is there anyway you or Skylus can post a “Gears of war lesson Video” showcasing your sort of playstyle? I play the same style in bot Halo and CoD and am having trouble making it work with GoW. Would me appreciated.