Which Role Do You Take on the Gears of War Battlefield?

I saw this posted over on the Epic Games Forums, but I wanted to take the time to ask that question to all of you and provide my response. The original post lists the following roles:

  • The Leader
  • One Man Army
  • Defender
  • Rusher
  • Tactical Support
  • Flanker
  • Medic
  • Marksman
  • Jester
My Response:

I think I can take a number of roles at any given time. If I’m by myself, without my teammates, I tend to be the one man army. I try to do everything possible to help my teammates and put up kills. My playstyle in Ranked/Public rooms is also determined by the starting rifle I’m using (I only use Hammerburst and Lancer). If I use Hammerburst, I’m going to be slightly more aggressive and if I’m using the Lancer I tend to help teammates a tad more when they’re fighting opponents.

If I’m playing with my teammates I try to lead and provide tactical support.

I may be changing my role on the squad because OraNgE is taking a break from gaming (school) and Phobos is our current fourth.  Our new roster:

  • Me
  • Phobos
  • Skyllus

coded by nessus
  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=677998744 Joey D Lee

    I’m more of a Tactical Support and Defender. I’m not a Slayer pro, but I do try get the objective done, regardless if it’s helping my teammates slaying or holding a spot down.

  • http://twitter.com/Jorothtehwicked Joroth

    I guess I play support esp after reading sky’s most important stat article I try to hang back and do the most damage possible before dying. 

  • Diggity

    What’s the reason behind only playing with the HB/Lancer?  Don’t like the big kick on the Retro when aimed?

    • http://reflectzyn.com K.L. Smith

      I didn’t grow attached to the Retro because I thought it was a tad to user friendly to use.  I thought the notion of hip fire spraying down opposing enemies with shotguns was being exploited and unbalanced the game.  I like that Epic has added the huge kick to the weapon for final release, but I still will not likely use it.

      • Diggity

        Really?  I thought the opposite (minus the hip fire).  I never hipped it b/c I never thought to use it that way ya know?  SO I found it less user friendly b/c of the crazy recoil when aiming forced me to constantyl be fighting the weapon down.  The Lancer on the other hand was super user friendly. 

        So I guess I disagree that the Retro is more user friendly than the other two.  The shotguns wrecked you up close b/c they don’t suffer from a movement penalty like a Retro user does (when they aim).

        • http://reflectzyn.com K.L. Smith

          There were dozens of videos posted showing how unbalanced the weapon was when hip firing. It’s one of the reasons that Epic nerfed it.  That alone was enough proof to me that it was user friendly (for the duration of the beta). I think it provides an alternative to people that find the shotgun to difficult to use in close quarters and the ability to generally spray the weapon is less skilled than aiming down the site.

          It was intended as a close range weapon, but has an ample amount of mid-range accuracy when aimed and shot correctly (it’s not that difficult).  I think players just entering the game will latch to the weapon because of the difficulty associated with becoming an ample shotgun player.  It takes less time and is more friendly in a variety of purposes.

  • I Mejia93

    I’m usually a medic, rusher, defender, flanker and one man army. My weapons of choice are the same HB/Lancer. Lancer is good when you want to help a teammate by giving cover fire or to slow the enemy down a bit when charging in. But when I’m on my own I like the HB mostly cause of it’s improved accuracy and power