Gears of War 3 Beta: Old Town TDM Dual Commentary featuring oWallis


This week’s Gears of War 3 Beta commentary features Machinima Respawn Director @TheJoshHD aka oWallis.  In this gameplay we discuss our feelings on the Gears of War 3 Leak that occurred last week as well as the recent opt-in release of YouTube’s Cosmic Panda.

I have gone through each of my Gears of War 3 Beta videos and numerically ordered them based on “Episodes.”  I know it’s a bit of a change, but I found that this is a little better for people finding old and new videos.  This is the 17th Gears of War 3 Beta gameplay and/or commentary video that I have uploaded — not counting Skyllus’ Lesson’s Series. The map is on my personal favorite of the Beta, Old Town and I’m using the Lancer and Gnasher loadout – I finished this map with 10 Kills, 10 Downs and 1 death.

coded by nessus