Razer Onza Feedback: How is the Onza Treating You…Unfair Advantage?


I released this video earlier in the week (Monday) displaying exactly how I play Gears of War with the Razer Onza Tournament Edition controller.   I have been gauging some of the feedback on the Onza and wanted to know what people thought of the controller.  As negatives, I have noted that people are:

  1. Giving the controller 1 day – 2 weeks trial time (not enough time)
  2. Having durability issues (duly noted)
  3. Having Slow Turn issues (duly noted)

The first point is just unacceptable to me, as someone that spends a lot of time reviewing products — you just cannot expect to “learn” something new in 1 – 14 days.  It took me at minimum 4 weeks before I was comfortable with the controller and another few months before I stopped doing things wrong (i.e. pressing the MFB instead of bumpers).  I keep bringing this point up, but for gamers like myself; we have been playing with a Microsoft issued Xbox 360 controller for 5 years — that’s roughly 1825 days.  It’s one thing to say you don’t like the “feel” or “design” of the controller, but people are comparing their Kill/Death ratios?  Uhhh…what??


Valid issues that I don’t like seeing are in regards to Durability and Slow Turn.  I have had my same Onza controller for 5 months without any issues.  The one issue I noticed involved adjusting tension on the analog sticks which I mention in my Onza review.  That was it, no buttons not working, slow turn or any of the other issues I’ve seen creeping up.  In Razer’s defense and I’m sure this is a valid reason for some of those issues; they are rushing to get Onza out to the public.  I am hoping to see improvements in the durability department very soon.  As far as Slow Turn goes, Razer released a video that explained how to unleash Hyper Sensitivity Mode which should (I haven’t had to use it) alleviate the problem.


I want to let everyone know that this spawned from a healthy debate on YouTube after I read one of my comments on my recent video (above).  The conversation is below:

action937: Love you guys to death, liked the vid, but I’m sorry. This is cheating. — Comment Link

Me: cheating, really? How so? You’re not programming a sequence of buttons, like a macro controller. There’s no rapid fire or mods. If Gears of War allowed for a “bumper jumper” controller setting there would be very little difference. I feel like it adds to the game, the controller doesn’t alter the game mechanics like a rapid fire button or as i said map as sequence of buttons (prevalent in fighting games). Elaborate =)

action937: Absolutely. Look no further than 2:20. This allows you to perform actions that are unavailable to someone like me with a regular controller. I am physically unable to perform moves that you can simply because of hardware. I would have to purchase one (cheat) in order to be on equal footing. You have an advantage that I do not. Is is worse than mapping buttons or rapid fire? no. of course not. But I’m not arguing degree. I’m arguing true or false.

Me: You have validity, but where you look at it as “cheating” I look at it from a developer/programming standpoint. I am not changing any of the game mechanics or altering the performance of the game. I am changing my button layout. If Gears of War offered that at the design level, your argument wouldn’t hold water because I would have my “bumper jumper” setting. Fom that standpoint I can’t help but disagree with your viewpoint.

action937: My argument is only be enhanced if they offered that at a design level. Everyone would be on equal ground. And they should. But they don’t. That’s like saying, they should give you the option of having the hammerburst fire more quickly, so I’m just going to use turbo because it should have been in the design docs to begin with. Changing button layout for convenience purposes is different than doing it so you can physically perform moves I can’t. An interesting debate to be sure.

Me: On the contrary, if in fact you learned to “claw” using a MS controller you would have the same user-end affect which is why I don’t in any form see this as cheating. The game mechanics aren’t altered and you mentioned a turbo controller, but a turbo controller alters the game’s mechanics

action937: It’s a fair point. I think we just draw the line in the sand at different points. You draws a line in altering game mechanics. I draw a line in any hardware that gives a competative advantage.


So after our string of comments, I wanted to put together an article with the general consensus from the people that follow our team, my friends in the gaming community, and quite frankly as many people as I possibly on the Onza.  Today I hit Twitter and started an Onza discusssion with some of the feedback below.


  • What has your experience been like with the Razer Onza?

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CrisisXVII @arCtyC feels good to grip, hard to reach top shoulders, responsive buttons, odd occasion where slightly forward pulls back on screen. By CrisisXVII on 26-5-2011 19:45:21 in reply to K.L. Smith

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Cdadvance3 @arCtyC sup Bro? I got one; no slow turn probs. Sometimes mixed up MFB with RB/LB. Weird using MFB setup with #gears3beta By Cdadvance3 on 26-5-2011 19:46:14 in reply to K.L. Smith

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Brendon117 @arCtyC I have some slight slow turn on right joystick going left to up. The sticker on the back is peeling off. They are both minor though. By Brendon117 on 26-5-2011 19:52:42 in reply to K.L. Smith

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TYLRDNTN @arCtyC Once I saw the video you posted about making the joysticks hyper sensitive, mine was fine. By TYLRDNTN on 26-5-2011 19:58:42 in reply to K.L. Smith

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TYLRDNTN @arCtyC Only problem is that the bumper buttons are too close together so I can't really map it to anything else. That's a minor issue. By TYLRDNTN on 26-5-2011 20:00:24 in reply to K.L. Smith

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Jindahouse @arCtyC Got a OnZa TE and love it...takes just a bit getting used to on COD but has helped out with my sensitivity and button layouts! By Jindahouse on 26-5-2011 20:58:39 in reply to K.L. Smith

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CVaughan598 @arCtyC my left stick gets some "slow turn" type movement... but not very often. Struggled with it in Gears… (cont) http://deck.ly/~PKeAy By CVaughan598 on 26-5-2011 22:25:07 in reply to K.L. Smith

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pickle8771 @arCtyC I love my onza, it took a lil while to get used to,very happy with it,,people have to play with it for awhile to get used to it By pickle8771 on 26-5-2011 22:25:46 in reply to K.L. Smith

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CyReN_ @arCtyC I think it wasn't good, tried it for 2 weeks, switched back to the 360 controller. By CyReN_ on 27-5-2011 02:30:18 in reply to K.L. Smith

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JoshuaKraz3r @arCtyC if it had M$ sticks ive wouldve kept on uusing it, but the sticks killed it 4 me By JoshuaKraz3r on 27-5-2011 02:53:37 in reply to K.L. Smith

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Retrokid223 @arCtyC onza are not cheap, after watching your videos I've decided to by some with the headset. Best combo ever http://yfrog.com/h7ygjqoj By Retrokid223 on 27-5-2011 03:11:28 in reply to K.L. Smith

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LegendaryMarvel @arCtyC I am in love with my #Onza only problem was my first one the force feedback went out after less than 2 months. By LegendaryMarvel on 27-5-2011 17:14:10 in reply to K.L. Smith



  • Do you view the controller as an unfair advantage?

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Icedogg03 @arCtyC #Onza Slowturn leftstick (slight) love tac buttons, wish Dpad was same. Unfair, maybe but anything better than MS will be in theory. By Icedogg03 on 26-5-2011 21:41:03 in reply to K.L. Smith

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TanneRain @arCtyC No but I think it's a pretty average controller with questionable durability and construction. Noticed no advantage in Gears though By TanneRain on 27-5-2011 02:34:45 in reply to K.L. Smith

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Kev626 @arCtyC It provides an unfair advantage if the user is able to adapt and take advantage of the added features. By Kev626 on 27-5-2011 02:43:11 in reply to K.L. Smith

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minliangtan @arCtyC Unfair but uhhh....legal. By minliangtan on 27-5-2011 02:27:08 in reply to K.L. Smith

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JoshuaKraz3r @arCtyC extra buttons doesnt make you better By JoshuaKraz3r on 27-5-2011 02:27:54 in reply to K.L. Smith

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ePCoLuR @arCtyC perhaps,considering you can tweak your sensitivity,which might give players of a higher caliber an advantage,comfortable for them. By ePCoLuR on 27-5-2011 02:28:15 in reply to K.L. Smith

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mikedloss4L @arCtyC no, how can it? By mikedloss4L on 27-5-2011 02:29:46 in reply to K.L. Smith

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DaFaCex @arCtyC Yes the onza provides an unfair advantage in 1 of 3 games HALO REACH , Due to the fact you can Run Jet/Evade and Shoot without hasle By DaFaCex on 27-5-2011 02:30:43 in reply to K.L. Smith

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DeltaDefSquadYo @arCtyC I pre-order it,got it day1 returned it day2, so if your patience can tolerate it, you put in Time2 learn it,while taking L's...FAIR By DeltaDefSquadYo on 27-5-2011 02:34:10 in reply to K.L. Smith

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Vigil80 @arCtyC It's a neat enough pad, but still just a pad. No turbo or anything. Might add fractions of seconds to some gameplay actions. No big. By Vigil80 on 27-5-2011 02:35:57 in reply to K.L. Smith

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Jindahouse @arCtyC no the button remapping does not give you any different abilities or alter the game mechanics! By Jindahouse on 27-5-2011 02:36:40 in reply to K.L. Smith

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TanneRain @arCtyC I wish I could have tried a hand made one but I used it for 2 weeks or so of the beta and didn't feel like I had an advantage. By TanneRain on 27-5-2011 02:37:38 in reply to K.L. Smith

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JesseWEIMA @arCtyC No it does not. Not at all. Its not like a bad player will automatically do better because of the controller. Its perfectly fine By JesseWEIMA on 27-5-2011 02:37:29 in reply to K.L. Smith

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AFKinSPAWN @arCtyC but no i dont think it adds an unfair advantage, just makes it easier to rape face.. :) By AFKinSPAWN on 27-5-2011 02:43:34 in reply to K.L. Smith

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lunchboxxx95 @arCtyC of course its unfair lol u can program buttons that normally you would have to take your thumb off the stick to press. By lunchboxxx95 on 27-5-2011 04:40:27 in reply to K.L. Smith

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LegendaryMarvel @arCtyC I wouldn't say the #Onza provides an "unfair" advantage. I would say that it provides a slight advantage after getting used to it. By LegendaryMarvel on 27-5-2011 17:21:42 in reply to K.L. Smith

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DennisMyHero @arCtyC The left stick on my onza broke after a month when I took real good care of it. By DennisMyHero on 27-5-2011 05:15:12 in reply to K.L. Smith


My Gears of War Onza Settings


I have my Razer Onza Multi-Function Buttons configured like so:

  • Right Multi-Function Button: Remapped to A Button (Sprint, Roll, Cover, Mantle)
  • Left Multi-Function Button: Remapped to B Button (Melee)


I am not sure if I will change my LMFB on the retail release of the game, but there is a high probability that I will because the melee is not (currently) used as frequently as either of the previous games.  It is also worth noting that I am currently NOT using the adjustable tension on the analog sticks for the inconsistency reasons in my review.

In addition to the Onza + Gears of War pairing, I decided to include a brief tutorial for the quick toss on guided grenades and an alternative shooting style which may improve trigger finger firing rates for semi-automatic weapons.   Based on some responses from my video I want to know a few things!


coded by nessus


    I wonder if action937 would feel the same way about a product like Kontrofreek’s. I have used the FPS Freeks for quite some time when playing CoD. Am I cheating or do I have an advantage for using them. I don’t see a difference between using an Onza and Kontrolfreek’s. Its a matter of personal preference and comfort. Should we all use the same sensitivity or brightness on our screens. I play xbox with a wired controller and a wired connection on a viewsonic monitor with a 1ms response time. Do all these things give me advantage? I hope they do. Am I cheating? I’m sure somebody would think so.

    • http://reflectzyn.com K.L. Smith

      Yeah that’s a great point, it really makes you wonder what other people think about gaming peripherals that don’t change anything in game.  From some of the responses I am convinced that some people are just disgusted by change or different things.  It just seems like a weird mentality to have when you take into consideration how many people gripe about the MS controller, yet they are unwillingly to really adapt to anything different.

      I’m equally antsy to see what MadCatz and MLG have in store for their controller which I believe is slated for a release next year.

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  • Jdizzledinh

    Idk if you heard, but the Hypersensitivity mode just feels like 10 sens. 

    • http://reflectzyn.com K.L. Smith

      I haven’t had to use that mode because I haven’t had slow turn, I imagine the mode would feel significantly faster.

  • the grassninja

    Calling the Onza cheating would be the same as saying using an arcade stick for a fighter was cheating because it offered superior button layout, or wheel in a driving game was cheating because it had superior response when compared to the MS default analog stick.

    By that logic you could go so far as to claim a player was cheating by using a wired controller over a wireless one, saying they were cheating because a player’s display has a faster refresh rate, or their headset/surround system was superior in quality providing an unfair advantage.

    Hell, you could probably press even farther to say that playing with friends was cheating for providing an unfair advantage against lone wolves who cannot coordinate or communicate with their mic-less team of randoms, or having a better internet connection was unfair for doling out less lag and more accurate hit registration. It’s not cheating. It’s called showing up with the proper gear.

    My first few weeks with my Onza actually put me at a huge disadvantage because I kept hitting the MFBs instead of RB/LB, resulting in many unnecessary deaths/lost kills.

    • Thegrassninjaisstupid

      Dude you are a flaming idiotic moron!!! Your feeble attempt at making an argument is that of a 3 yr old trying to justify eating his boogers, Give up trying to appear smart because everyone just witnessed you making a COMPLETE idiot of yourself….. 

      • No your the idiot

        You sir are the idiot. What he says makes complete sense. Look at it from a sports point of view, rugby teams, soccer teams, racing teams all try to get the best possible hardware to get an advantage. Pro gamers get the best possible pc’s to have an advantage.

        If you are not as serious about gaming then stop the qq and get on with your life, if you are serious about gaming you’d probably already own a Onza.

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  • Bptrsn1

    It is amazing how CHEATERS will defend themselves with EVERY and ANY excuse IMAGINABLE!!! A cheat gives 1 player an unfair advantage over another. The standard M.S. xbox360 controller ships with the M.S. xbox360. All games are manufactured to M.S. specifications. Modded and aftermarket controllers CAN (not all do) offer ADVANTAGES over the standard controller. This leads to an UNFAIR advantage over standard controller users…. Now if you say “Well then they need to go buy an aftermarket controller” Then this just is justifying CHEATING!!! Go ahead and voice your OPINION… Everyone already knows it does not matter to LEGITIMATE PLAYERS!!! 

    • Seriously?

      So no one is allowed to buy a steering wheel for racing games as that gives them an advantage over me with my M.S controller.

  • serpiente1984

    Hi, i have read in some forums that the Razer Onza Controller has poor
    durability, is that true? or is it just bad publicity?, i just ordered
    the TE anyway but i just wanted to ask someone that could be fair on
    that matter.

    • http://reflectzyn.com K.L. Smith

      They do tend to have durability issues. The Sabertooth (Razer’s newest controller) addresses a number of issues the Onza had with durability.