Gears of War 3 Beta: Known Glitches and Balance Issues


There is a monstrous thread over on the Epic Forums that explicitly details the  known bug and balance issues with the Gears of War 3 Beta, detailing 70+ game related issues.  We are encouraging all players in the community to create a new thread in the Beta Issues forum if they have encountered a bug or balance issue that has not already been addressed.  The thread is sectioned into four main categories:

  • Balance
  • Bugs
  • Glitches
  • Miscellaneous


I have no interest in reposting the entire list, but I am interested in identifying which issues may have the greater affect on competitive gameplay. Here are the ones that have or will have a negative affect on competitive gameplay:


Spawning Without Weapons (Gears 2 Glitch): LINK


This was a glitch that was present in Gears of War 2 as players loaded into the start of a new round.  Sometimes the characters would appear as if they had a weapon, usually the “holding shotgun” animation, but would be unable to really perform any actions.  This was accompanied by “sticking to walls,” or “infinite running” animation.  I have seen it pop up a few times on the Gears of War 3 beta, but I have yet to have it happen to me in game.


The original poster included the “spawning without weapons” as an afterthought to the weapons disappearing when dropped.  I specifically remember this glitch happening at MLG Dallas in 2009 when our team played against Murder by Numbers on the map River.  Our team was forced to play 3 versus 4 because OraNgE spawned without a weapon at the beginning of a round.


Unable to Hear Players in Game Chat (Gears of War 1 Glitch): LINK


If anyone remembers this glitch from Gears of War 1, you would know that this is an issue that affects Gamebattles matches.  This isn’t a huge issue nowadays because we have Party Chat which was not an option when Gears of War 1 first released.


Mantling Over a Wall Grants Cover Damage Resistance Through Entire Animation: LINK


Mantling is one of my new favorite tactics, but after using it awhile, Skyllus immediately noticed that players are invincible during the animation.  If you bait someone into jumping over and attempt to “one shot” them, there is very little damage taken while the opponent’s character is performing the Mantle animation.


Spawn Camping (Known Balance Issue)


The Spawn Camping issue is being addressed for the retail version of the game.  We’ve heard that several maps will be receiving an overhaul, but no specific details on changes.  This is a major problem if we’re looking to piggy back on some of the other gametypes for competitive gameplay.  Spawn camping is very easy to control on this game and makes Team Deathmatch an automatic no-go in its current state.   If Spawn Camping is addressed, maps permitting, it could make for an alternative gametype to Execution.


YouTube Preview Image


Retro Lancer/Hammerburst Overpowered (Balance Issue)


It has not been determined whether or not these two weapons will be used for competitive play, however I don’t want to rule out the possibility.  The Retro Lancer is overpowered — no question about it.  Epic has not responded with direct “fixes” on the Retro Lancer, but it can only be assumed that the weapon will become less accurate while hip firing with a wee bit of damage reduction based on the feedback on the forums.


YouTube Preview Image


The Hammerburst is a different beast entirely because of the “modded fire” issue with tapping the trigger at a fast rate of speed.  Again, nothing with this weapon has been confirmed, but I would love to see the rate of fire cap lowered (yeah there’s a cap on it), alongside a slight damage nerf in the retail version.


Inconsistent Rate of Fire on Semi-Automatic Weapons: LINK


I have directly brought this up with some of the folks at Epic prior to Skyllus creating the issue thread.  This is not an issue that will creep up at LAN events for the game, rather this could be something potentially harmful for Private matches and online Gamebattles outings.   The rate of fire is significantly reduced/inconsistent when playing in less than desirable rooms hosted by players.  We have not noticed this problem on Dedicateds, but it is apparent when rooms are hosted by other players.


If you have not done so already, please check out the huge list of Known Issues and create threads on the Epic Forums that address your own concerns.  If you feel like there are other issues that will affect competitive Gears of War 3 gameplay, please feel free to leave a comment!

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