How I Became Involved In Major League Gaming

What Started It All?



This seems to be one of the recurring questions that I frequently receive from various gamers looking to get involved with competitive gaming:


Hey hows it going man? I just have to ask how did you get into the MLG? I’ve been trying to get an opportunity for something like this, but cant seem to get a catch…any advise you could give me? hit me up here on my YT channel, psn: xxxxxxxxx & live: xxxxxxxxxx…Thanks


I think I might also do a video on this subject, and the question specifically, perhaps to sort of demystify some of the barriers surrounding Major League Gaming and major competitions like it.  It seems like people believe it is much harder to actually get involved with various leagues than the reality.  My interest in competitive gaming began shortly before the release of the Xbox 360.  A certain team, some of you may remember them, that went by the name LGD won a $250,000 Battlefield Modern Combat tournament for the original Xbox.  This was a team that regularly competed against members of my previous team, Violent by Instinct, so once we received word that they won this “huge” tournament there was an immediate to find tournaments such as the ones they won.


World Series of Video Games 2006


To kind of give you insight on a rare sequence of events, I was never actually “recruited” to a team.  I play with the same group of guys on Violent By Instinct from 2000 – to the present day.  I did a lot of recruiting in the latter part of vBi’s existence, but I never actively sought out a team.   Violent By Instinct was a merger between two former gaming “clans” in Violators and Just Bring It — I kind of took over the reigns of Violators after several key members went inactive.   After taking over the leadership role, I started pushing for a more structured approach to competition and competing on Gamebattles and in online tournaments.


As one of the Captains, I tried to organize the team in a structure that best suited the number of players on the team which was somewhere in the range of 30 members.  Initially, I sought out and played in as many online tournaments as I could find — there were not many.  This included tournaments held by places like The World Series of Video Games, GGL, and Gamespot.  My first LAN Event that I attended was at the WSVG 2006 Louisville event where I competed in Ghost Recon with Phobos.

Phobos and My Brother at WSVG 2006



Nothing spectacular happened at this event, it was the first one I ever attended on a game that I disliked.  One of the biggest things I want to stress with people looking to “get into” competitive gaming — YOU JUST GO OUT AND DO IT!   Phobos and I never met prior to that first WSVG event, we solely knew each other from playing with one another online.  The only way to get involved is to actively compete and learn the ins and outs of competitive gaming.  It’s all about being motivated enough to go out and seek teams, get involved, and participating in tournaments.  Heck, if you can’t find a team, try your hand at Street Fighter or play StarCraft 2 or another game 1v1 game —  anything that enables you to be active in competition.

For me, that involved researching and seeking out both online and LAN tournaments and finding a means to get to them.  Throughout much of  2006  and early in 2007, I drove to the majority of the competitions.  I split gas/hotel costs with teammates that traveled with me during that time period; mainly @Skyzyn, @Wraithzyn, OraNgE and @PhoboszYn.  I got my feet wet in 2006 and completely dove in during the 2007 competition year.  The number of places to find these types of tournaments is definitely on the decline, but for the most part it is all about finding players with similar goals and the same mindset.  Once you find those players, you have to commit yourself to competing in tournaments both online and at LAN events.


I’ve written a number of articles for players looking to get into competitive gaming with the most applicable ones (to this article) being:


Here is the general outline of the various events I traveled to throughout the years.  I may be missing a few LAN tournaments here and there, but as you can see I was quite the busy bee:


  • WSVG Louisville 2006 (Ghost Recon)
  • Treyarch/Gamespot FFA Tournament (Call of Duty 2)
  • Xbox Holiday Tournament (Gears of War)


  • Game Junkie LAN Tournament (Gears of War)
  • MLG Online Tournaments A & C (Gears of War)
  • CAL Online Tournaments (Gears of War)
  • eBash Video Game Center LAN Tournament(s) (Gears of War)
  • TempleCon LAN Tournament (Gears of War)
  • MLG Meadowlands (Gears of War)
  • WCG US Invitational (Gears of War)
  • WSVG Louisville (Fight Night)
  • WSVG Dallas (Fight Night)
  • MLG Chicago (Gears of War)
  • CPL Dallas (Gears of War)
  • MLG Orlando (Gears of War)




  • eBash Video Game Center LAN Tournament (Gears of War)
  • MLG Meadowlands (Gears of War)
  • MLG Toronto (Gears of War)
  • MLG Dallas (Gears of War)
  • MLG Vegas (Gears of War)



  • MLG Meadowlands (Gears of War 2)
  • eBash Video Game Center LAN Tournaments (Gears of War 2)
  • ggCircuit Online Tournaments (Gears of War 2)
  • MLG Columbus (Gears of War 2)
  • MLG Dallas (Gears of War 2)
  • MLG Anaheim (Gears of War 2)



  • MLG Orlando (Gears of War 2)
  • Battle of the Baddest (Battlefield Bad Company 2 Online Tournament)
  • MLG D.C. (Halo Reach)


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