Strategy Development “Pilot” Video: Gears of War 2

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I wanted to get feedback on this experimental strategy development video.  It will go hand-in-hand with the Gears of War Lessons series that Skyllus is running.  I used this method of illustrating positions for my teammates during the period of time when I was managing Violent By Instinct.  It was useful because we had 25 members of the team and it was difficult to highlight certain strategies so I used the map overlay and moved pieces around the map.  The inclusion of video is something completely new, but I definitely want feedback on this strategy development concept.

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I plan on carrying it over into various games, not just Gears of War.  It will cover anything from some of the off-the-wall strategies, to the ones we use in competition.  Feeback is greatly appreciated!

coded by nessus

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