Halo Reach Weekly Update

This week’s update focuses on a few game-related subjects I wanted to discuss.  The first of which is the new settings — how do you like them so far?  In last week’s update, I mentioned that the new settings have released and by what I can tell, there have been more players preparing themselves for the V2 release.  I know there were a vast majority of teams and players that needed to play with the Dallas Exhibition settings which is one of the factors that cut into our practice regiment the past ten or so days.

The V2 settings continue to play out well in my opinion, despite ill-sentiments towards the sprint ability among a few others.  I am probably the most excited for the inclusion of more maps now that Killa_KC has some quality time to test out a number of maps as well as creating his own.  Playing the same four maps has become monotonous, however the additional gametypes (when able to be played) have made the maps a little more interesting.  I am looking forward to some well balanced maps. (Sidenote: I may be covering a Forge Map Spotlight on my YouTube Channel)

I was also delighted to see that Bungie updated their Arena playlist with No Radars.  They kind of messed up a bit by including Armor Lock and the map rotation sucks, but all-in-all I’m satisfied.  I have been able to utilize a combination of Team Snipers and now the Arena playlist as a general way to improve my individual game.  I think anyone that is looking to vastly improve upon there sniping abilities should definitely play a large quantity of Team Snipers games.  It is the only way I personally have been able to improve my sniping ability, which I still consider novice in comparison to the competition.  Of course some players may disagree with my methods, but I did not start out playing Halo so playing non-stop custom games is not really up my alley.  I would prefer to thoroughly learn the game mechanics and that’s difficult to do when the level of play is turned up to, “ONE SHOT ON MY X, ONE SHOT, ONE SHOT, ONE SHOT!”  My brother and I just did our first rounds of Doubles Arena and I was loving it, so I may play more of that as well.

Lastly, you have to love how the Halo 3 season ended.  Final Boss back on top with Ogre 2 reaffirming his position as one of the most accomplished gamers to date.   I am looking forward to trying my hand at playing with the best of the best.

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