AmazYn Weekly Halo: Reach Update

We’re back in gear with our weekly updates.  If you’ve been following my updates you may have noticed I substituted our MLG D.C. Experience video in there as a weekly update.  I hope you enjoyed that video; you can expect more of the same down the road.  To those that asked, we will not be attending MLG Dallas.  We wanted to get an idea of where we stood amongst the Halo competition and D.C. served that purpose.  We actually have a trip planned the first week of December that is “substituting” our MLG Dallas trip — I apologize to any supporters of our team that hoped we would be competing.  We’ll be very active in the 2011 MLG Pro Circuit Season.

If you did not know, MLG quietly released or leaked (however you look at it) the V2 settings.  We have had the privilege of playing them the last few days, however finding teams to scrimmage has been more than difficult.   Half the teams do not believe the settings are real and quit after the first or second map while the other half are busy preparing for Dallas. Despite some of the setbacks here are some tweaks in the settings:

“Unofficial” V2 Settings

  • 110% Speed
  • 75% Melee Power
  • Sprint Start with 5 second delay
  • Evade on map
  • Needle Rifle — DMR Start

“Unofficial”V2 Gametypes

  • One Flag (Countdown)
  • Three Flag/Five Flag (Countdown, Sanctuary, Zealot)
  • Territories  (Zealot)
  • Neutral Bomb (Countdown/Sanctuary)
  • Instant Bomb (Countdown)
  • Team Slayer

These are definitely some drastic changes from the current settings teams are using in preparation for the upcoming MLG Dallas event.  From the teams I have played with it seems that no one really cared for the Evade on map as it tended to be a little overpowering for the individual that grabbed the Power up.  There also seemed to be a negative feeling towards One Flag because of map choice and Instant Bomb, again because of map selection.

One of the biggest changes, Sprint appears to be receiving mixed feelings.  On one side you have the players that want Sprint out of the game because:

  • Players get away to easy
  • Players are rewarded for mistakes by running
  • Games last too long because players run away
  • Players don’t die easily
  • Players run awa…

You get my drift; it’s the same song just a different tune.  As I have stated numerous times, Reach is a new game with new game dynamics. I think Sprint and some of the other abilities are a nice addition to the Halo universe and I believe the vast majority of players (not competitive gamers) need to be enticed to watch the Halo MLG community play Halo: Reach — not watch Halo 3 again.  Now whether or not Sprint stays in the final settings is another story, but in the meantime I would suggest making a damn good attempt at playing the settings for a few months.

One thing I forgot to mention in my video was that the Needle Rifle can now be selected as a starting weapon.  As a player that prides himself in becoming skillful with weapons that other gamers take awhile to master, I find the Needle Rifle insulting to use.  The gun is absolutely too freaking easy to pick up and shoot, but I cannot deny that the consistency is much better (at least online) than the DMR.  My team is currently in discussion about the best way to utilize the Needle Rifle/DMR starts and we believe it will be about figuring out the best combination of both during play.  The gameplay video is a great indicator of how well the Needle Rifle can be used in conjunction with the DMR.  Seventeen put up huge numbers as a result of finishing kills, something that the DMR seems to have trouble accomplishing.

Overall the settings are a much better change of pace and it makes for a more enjoyable experience for me.  I hope more people start embracing change and being more open to work with the new game.  The more “mainstream” elements of the game that make it into the final settings, the more likely we’ll see an increase in the number of “mainstream” players that become interested in the game.

coded by nessus