Halo Reach: Week 4 Update

It is only two days until I depart for MLG D.C. for my first Halo competition.  We have been grinding it out for a month and I am pleased with our current progress.  I feel like our game awareness has grown significantly in the last couple weeks and I’m sure some of the teams we scrimmaged more recently would give a nod in agreement that we have vastly improved from just two weeks prior.

Based on the amount of time we have been playing, our progress is a bit better than expected, however it is definitely quite a distance from where we would like to be a few months from now.  In the meantime, we’re heading to DC with an open mind, ready to take some notes and look out for different aspects of the game we may be missing.  We included another gameplay video in this update from Skyllus — check it out after the jump.

Be sure to check the site all this weekend for more updates on MLG D.C.

coded by nessus

  • Scott Reiser

    Do work guys! I'll be talkin you guys up on Live! I'll start to pass around the work of zYn Gaming to my friends ;D

    • http://www.reflectzyn.com arctyc

      Sweet deal! We'll keep everyone posted on our progress.

  • cramsay

    Hope all goes well this weekend, Good Luck!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=16918188 Ian Barker

    Been a zYn fan since I saw the archive footage of your sick comeback win at Dallas '09. Super pumped to see you guys playing Reach!

    What do you think? Someday we see zYn take the title over Final Boss in 11 games? ;)

  • MrEternity1

    good luck you guys. I will always support ya!