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I know we’ve been quite busy over the course of the summer.  My brother launched a preview of TheTwittbook (currently under construction), I gave a glimpse of MyGamingSetup, and Skyllus launched  You may have missed that tidbit of information throughout all of the commotion and Halo: Reach gaming going on.

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This project was created and managed by Colin “Skyllus” Fogle.  He provided in-depth information on Protips TV which you can read below:

This is a project which I’ve been working on for quite some time, thinking about how I wanted it to be done and looking for the right look. I’ve actually had the domain on lock since March and it has taken this long to finally get going.

The goal of Protips is to become a central hub for people looking to get better at games. Not just MLG titles, but as many games as we can possibly cover. It isn’t hard to find resources to get better at Halo 3 or Modern Warfare, but no-one has ever really dedicated time to all of the smaller communities which sprout up everywhere. The few people who did dedicate that time often get lost in the mix.

Protips will be cataloguing videos (Commentaries, Tutorials, Gameplays) from a several different sources:

  1. Original Content – We’ll be producing great content from whatever games we are playing at the time. These will be uploaded to the Youtube channel and mirrored on the site.
  2. Partner Content - We’ll be working with other top players from games we don’t cover to provide an expanded scope of content. Some of this will be uploaded to the Youtube channel, some will be mirrored on the website.
  3. Youtube – If we come across a particularly good video for a game, I’ll go ahead and mirror it on the website for your benefit.

We’ll be providing content which some people charge upwards of $20 an hour for, absolutely free. All we ask is that as a show of support you subscribe for the Youtube channel and show the site to your friends.

My hopes are that Protips becomes a place for pros to get exposure and for those looking to learn to have all of the resources at their fingertips.

With that, feel free to look around a bit. We’ll have a lot more content coming over the next few months from Reach and hopefully we’ll get some video up from some friends on other games soon as well. If you’re interested in submitting a video, please check here.

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