Monday Night Combat Tournament Finals: AmazYn vs Combat Gaming

As always, thanks to everyone that was supporting our team during this Monday Night Combat 16-team tournament, hosted by developer Uber Entertainment.  Our team name during this tournament was Bacon is AmazYn which is currently our Gamebattles team name as well.

Our roster consists of the following players:

Bacon is AmazYn


  • Class: Tank
  • Objective: Mid Map and Bot Control (Annihilator & Juice)


  • Class: Sniper
  • Objective: Slayer


  • Class: Gunner
  • Objective: Slayer & Support Fire


  • Class: Support
  • Objective: Support and Healing

TLR ClouD1

  • Class: Sniper
  • Objective: Slayer


  • Class: Assassin
  • Objective: Bot control

Steel Peel (Map 1)

  • Host: Combat Gaming

Our opening involved a “jump pad” purchase by arCtiC (me).  Everyone excluding Wraith uses the jump pad and sets up in position.  It is important to maintain high ground control on Steel Peel. We held map control throughout the majority of the match, primarily due to our ability to outslay Combat Gaming.  Admittingly, they had two outstanding Annihilator rushes that nearly flipped the tide of the match, but we bounced back well from both pushes.

During the final push of the map, we had quite a bit more emphasis on maintaining control of the Annihilator and we actually see Skyllus set up a Firebase inside of the center ring as a late game adjustment.

Grenade III Arena (Map 2)

  • Host: Bacon is AmazYn

Not too much to discuss in this map.  We run a 4 Left, 2 Right opening with our Gunner, Assassin, 1 Sniper, and Support taking the Left side and the Tank and other Sniper on the right.  The rush nearly finished them off within the first minute of the game, but the Gremlins redirected.

Again we maintain map control, working the long distance, cross map support fire with the Snipers and Rail gun weapons.  One of the mistakes that we saw from Combat Gaming is that they were sending one player to destroy our turrets in our base which left a 5 versus 6.

Great tournament and looking forward to more great things from Uber Entertainment.  You might also want to check out our other Monday Night Combat videos:

coded by nessus
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