Best Bad Company 2 Tricks “Objective Damage +50″

As promised, we released our parting Battlefield Bad Company 2 video featuring all of the Squad Rush tricks we found while preparing for the Gamebattles Battle of the Baddest $10,000 tournament.  Everything featured was either figured out by our team or BAMF (1st place) use in the tournament.  The video is released on the recently created AmazYn YouTube Channel.

Tournament rules banned mortaring and rocketing from the gray areas of the map, thus some of the absurdly long range grenade shots to hit A Sites.


Thanks to arCtiC, Phobos, Wraith, and Xeno from AmazYn for help filming and figuring this stuff out.

Thanks to BAMF for showing us some of the rocket angles featured in the video.

Thanks to “DrDogg MD” and “o M4D HATTER o” for helping on film day.

Recorded on Pyro A/V Link in one day, edited in iMovie HD on a Macbook Pro.

Song is Black Betty by Ram Jam.

coded by nessus