AmazYn Finishes 3rd Place ($2000) in Gamestop Battle of the Baddest Tournament!

Just like that, it’s officially over!  For some odd reason, due to odd Gamebattles rules, we had to replay Apocalypse in a “consolation” match for 3rd place after winning against them yesterday in the tournament.  This is a double elimination tournament, however the rule essentially gave Apocalypse or any other team that would have been in that position a third chance to win money.  The rule did not make any sense and shame on Gamebattles for the rule being in there in the first place.  Rule listed below:

2. Prize(s).
A total of $10,000 is available in the Tournament prize pool. The first place team of the Tournament will receive $5,000 ($1,250 per player). The second place team of the Tournament will receive $3,000 ($750 per player). The third place team of the Tournament will receive $2,000 ($500 per player). The third place team will be determined by a consolation match played between the third and fourth place teams. The consolation match will use the same settings and maps used for final match between the first and second place teams.

We finished Apocalypse, for good today, with a fairly easy 9-5 victory securing our 3rd place finish and $2000.  It was a tough road to third place having to play TLR, who beat us twice in the Playoff Bracket, Apocalypse, and Venom10K, the number one seeded going into the Playoffs.

It definitely would have been a great experience being on the opposite side of the bracket as TLR and possibly playing them in the Finals, considering both our matches were EPIC on unimaginable levels.  Unfortunately, that is not how the tournament played out, however we are still pumped about our performance.

The official AmazYn Bad Company 2 roster:

Danny “Phobos” Zeitz

Sean “Wraith” Snack

Colin “Skyllus” Fogle

Kendall “arCtiC” Smith

We had a major contribution from teammate James “XeNo” McCardle during the Team Ladder.  He was a big reason for our rapid progression in the game and I am sure everyone on the team is very appreciative of his efforts.

James “XeNo” McCardle

Be on the lookout for game play from matches and Playoff Bracket play in the coming days from the official AmazYn YouTube channel.  Thanks to everyone that cheered us on during the tournament. Now we will begin hounding Gamebattles for our prize money while enjoying the Halo Reach Beta.

coded by nessus