Don’t Try And Cheat AmazYn! $10,000 Battle of the Baddest Update

If you missed the commotion this past weekend, I’ll fill you in a few of the details.  In a very surprising turn of events, the number one seeded team Venom10K lost their Winner’s Bracket Round 5 match against BAMF.  This led to an AmazYn vs. Venom10K match in the Loser’s Bracket this past Thursday, April 29th at 10PM.  We knew Venom would probably be very upset with themselves about the loss against BAMF, but we did not expect them to handle themselves the way they did.

Before I go into further detail, readers must know that there are several glitches that can happen on Battlefield Bad Company 2 that can significantly hinder the gameplay.  One of them is the “Dashboard Glitch” which sends players from the game to the Xbox 360 Dashboard without warning.  This is definitely the most damaging glitch for online tournament play, however it does not happen that frequently and was not the glitch in this circumstance.

The second glitch is the “No Sound Glitch” which randomly cuts off the gameplay sound and makes it so that you are unable to hear anything. The two methods to fix this glitch are to either to:

  • Reset the Xbox 360
  • Go in options and change the sound setting from e.g: headset to stereo and then back to headset (credited to 0Apathy).

During the second map, Valparaiso, Phobos received the No Sound Glitch within the first few minutes of the map starting.  Venom was on the Attacker side and we played out the entire half before Phobos decided he would quit out during the intermission period.  We held them to one bomb point, so the score was 1-0 in Venom’s favor, prior to us quitting out of the match and waiting for Phobos to reset his Xbox 360.   No gunfire was exchanged, no one from AmazYn spawned into the game at all.   Of course we did not know about the second option of switching game sound settings, but we now know for future reference.  Video below:

Instead of inviting us back into the match to finish out Valparaiso, Venom decided it was in their best interest to try and receive a Forfeit Win for the entire match.  They did not score 4 points; the map would not have been a determining factor in the overall outcome of the game in any way, shape or form.  Furthermore, their logic for trying to receive the forfeit win revolved around the notion that “We have been screwed by the rules during ladder play, we lost to BAMF, and now we’re going to try and screw you guys.”  Obviously, that’s piss-poor logic, compounded by the fact that people always show their true colors when money is on the line.

As quoted from Acehawk, a member of Venom10K (I’m correcting misspellings/grammar):

The guy dying has nothing to do with it. The side switch isn’t the initial launch which is dumb. But if we’re gonna get fucked over, then so is everyone else. I try to be fair and constantly push for fair rules but my team ends up getting screwed more than anyone and I’m pretty sick of it.

This was a rebuttle to a point Phobos made about the differences in situation when a team quits out before fire is exchanged versus not quitting out, exchanging fire (someone dying) and then quitting out.   Again, Acehawk has a very skewed logic and reasoning for trying to dispute the match.  The kicker – none of them posted any increment of video evidence (I highly recommend for EVERY TEAM) to support the slightest possibility that we exchanged fire before quitting out of the match.  Here are the rules from Gamebattles:

5. If a player disconnects during the initial launch of a map, the map will be restarted. The initial launch is defined as within the first 30 seconds or before the first kill.

The game’s servers are auto-piloted to play out a specified map without intervention on the hosts’ part.  So if I create a room and launch Atacama there are a series of “initial launches.”  One at the beginning of the match and one during the intermission to switch sides.  The map is played in a continuous loop, it does not send the host back to lobby to create a new “initial launch.”  Therefore the game auto generates “intermission” periods to switch and assign sides and then relaunches the map.

Do not get me wrong, Gamebattles definitely needs to clean up their rules and polish/clearly define them before online tournaments.  At the same time, Venom10K is a perfect example of how money changes the face of most people out there.  You can even take into effect that they claimed to “respect” our team, considered themselves well respected, but when push came to shove they were just as bad as the people they claimed “screwed them.”

After all the fuss and whining on their part, they lost the dispute and we replayed last night. I mentioned in a post, that we were infuriated with Venom trying to pull this stunt and we would come out with a chip on our shoulders.  I am personally disgusted by people that try to cheat and I have not been really fired up like that in awhile.  Sure enough, we beat them in just under 15 minutes – case closed.

I hope this goes to show you that no team, including my own, is perfect, we are all human.  My team is about sportsmanship and representing something bigger than ourselves.  Had I not been recording the match because I thought this team was “respectable,” we may have lost the match.  I have definitely been burned enough in the years of competing online to know that the online aspect of competition make people think they can get away with anything.  We still have the possibility of playing 3 more matches before the conclusion of the tournament.

Tonight we play Apocalypse at 8pm.

P.S.  – Venom go **** yourself.  I kid, I kid — or am I?

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