AmazYn vs. TLR (Full Match Link Included)

Last night’s epic matched ended after two hours of intense competition.  TLR came out on top over us in a very close 7-6 loss (double overtime).  We had a number of people watching the Live Stream last night and I want to thank all the viewers for watching, chatting and overall interest in the match.

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I do not know if we will be in as intense match as that one going forward, but it was definitely the best match I have played online in a very long time.  Props to The Last Resistance for the win and we’re hoping to see them in the finals.

Skyllus best summed up the match with his post on the Gamebattles forums:

What a match.

Port Valdez 2-2
Atacoma Desert 0-0
Valparaiso 1-1
Panama Canal 2-2
Valparaiso 1-2 TLR holds on to ONE TICKET on B Site to win it.

We are officially in the Loser’s Bracket and played our first match, against Dc5, immediately after the TLR loss.  We won that match 4-0 and are scheduled to play art of eXecution [blay] at 8:00PM EST tonight followed by another match at 10:00PM EST (loser of BAMF vs. Venom10k).  There are only eight teams remaining and after tonight, the Final Four teams will be left.

You can find the link of yesterday’s Round 4 Winner’s Bracket match below:

AmazYn vs. TLR

Watch live video from AmazYn on

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