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When applicable I will continue posting questions from various people in the community that ask us for advice.  I am sure some of these questions are what quite a few competitive gamers want to ask, but might not know who can answer their questions.  I outright admit I do not know all of the answers, but I try my very best to answer questions that I receive.  These questions were received via YouTube through direct message (I’m reserving their privacy) and the AmazYn Facebook Fan Page from Austin.

YouTube Questions

  • How to go about finding certain people for your team?

Try recruiting people or getting on a team that have similar interests as yourself.   My guide on creating an MLG team is a start in the right direction.

  • How to manage money to go to events

I wrote a fairly extensive MLG financial planning guide on the topic.

  • How to get their (I’m assuming you mean events?)

My process involved playing at LAN tournaments within reasonable driving distance (3-6hrs) from where I lived. I played with 3 guys from Ohio so it was easy for us to all travel to smaller LAN tournaments before we went MLG. We also played in a bunch of other tournaments (online, WCG, wherever we could find one) to help build up money to continue traveling.

  • What kind of hotel to stay at?

This is something I discussed in my financial planning guide. Basically stay somewhere that is affordable for you and your teammates. Don’t overstep your budget, but try to stay within walking distance of the MLG venue. Being too far can hurt when it’s time to play.

  • What steps did you take to get to successful teams such as vBi and zYn?

Both of these teams I had a hand in creating from the ground up. vBi was a team I created by merging my previous team with another. I recruited my own players and built the groundwork for success  from players that were determined to succeed. zYn is essentially the core players from vBi — it’s a smaller version of the same team.

AmazYn Fan Page Questions from Austin A.

  • How did you find your team?

I am responsible for finding most of the members on the team. The roster is a slimmer version of vBi which I created with someone else in 2005.

  • How do you stay together?

We have managed to stay together because we all love to compete and we mesh well together as a group and over the years have built some lasting friendships.

  • How do you keep your practices consistent? It seems that dreams tend to be crushed when the support of your team-mates falls through so I just want to know how you guys do it.

Practice schedules are maintained around everyone’s availability. Generally we set a week-to-week schedule and hold each other accountable for being at practice during those scheduled times. I think everyone on our team understands the importance of practice and we know it’s vital to winning.

  • Are you motivated simply by love of the game?

It’s definitely for the love of the game and the thrill of competition.

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